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Vision Therapy, Glaucoma Therapy, Eye & Vision Exams NY, NJ

Real Reversal of EYE & VISION Problems with NUTRITION & Integrative Therapy & Full-Spectrum Optometric Vision-Care Services

Internationally recognized for its many years of leadership and expertise in preventive medicine strategies and nutritional optometry, the NUTRITIONAL OPTOMETRY ASSOCIATES is in the vanguard of dietary research and integrative therapy in the prevention and reversal of eye and common vision disorders such as glaucoma, cataracts and myopia among others.

Nutritional Optometry and Preventive Optometry Services in NY & NJ!
Nutritional Optometry Associates offers Comprehensive Eye & Vision Exams, Nutritional Optometry Services, & Vision Therapy to NY and NJ clients.

Our major work is as much in prevention as in remediation. We can and do render a complete optometric service in NJ and NY offices. But when patients are referred by other physicians with a detailed report, we may be able to shorten the testing protocols at the patient’s option. We offer the options of comprehensive nutrition testing, eye and vision evaluation/exams, diagnoses, and nutritional optometry counseling, vision therapy and holistic-eye care treatment. Our NY and NJ patients should not feel obligated to select frames for glasses from our 700 frames in the dispensary, but they are available at patient’s choice.

As new studies are published, it becomes more and more apparent how important optimal nutrition can be for good vision. And so, at Nutritional Optometry Associates we help patients to begin to turn around their eye and vision problems, including a long list of common and uncommon eye/vision disorders like glaucoma, cataracts and myopia among others.

Nutritional Optometry Associates are especially experienced in helping NY, NJ, national and international patients with glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, retinal degenerations, degenerative high myopia (nearsightedness), low vision, and convergence insufficiency.

Here is a partial list of our fields of expertise:

• Developmental Optometry
• Nutritional Optometry
• Preventive Optometry
• Vision Training Therapy
• Amblyopia
• Astigmatism
• Attention-Deficit Disorder
• Cataract
• Computer Eye Syndrome
• Contact Lens Problems
• Dry Eyes
• Esotropia, Exotropia
• Eye-Strain Headaches
• Floaters, Vitreous
• Glaucoma
• Glare Hypersensitivity
• Keratoconus
• Macular Degeneration
• Myopic Degeneration
• Retinal Detachment
• Retinitis Pigmentosa
• Macula Therapy
• Nuclear Cataract Reversal

Where are we located?

Our New Jersey (NJ) office is at 16 N Beverwyck Rd, Lake Hiawatha, one mile north of Exit 45 of I.S. 80, 30 minutes from Newark Airport, 40 minutes by Lakeland Bus from NY. Our Manhattan NY office is at 425 Madison Avenue at 49th St, 8th floor, close to Rockefeller Center and Grand Central Terminal. We also provide phone consultations to patients residing in foreign countries or unable to travel.

Browse our website to learn more about Nutritional Optometry Associates and our nutritional optometry services, vision therapy and eye exams. If you need glaucoma therapy, Macula Therapy vision therapy, Nuclear Cataract Reversal, vitreous therapy, floaters therapy, integrative therapy, and other eye/vision services in NY and NJ, call now at 1-973-335-0111 or 1-212-759-5270 to arrange a consultation or to schedule an appointment for your first preventive nutritional optometry exams! Discover why we have been happily serving clients and patients with glaucoma, cataract and myopia in NY and NJ for many years.

Call Dr. Lane office for an appointment.
"Nutrition and more than Nutrition to turn around eye problems."

See and Hear Dr. Lane lecture; "Foods For Better Vision-Children & The Blue Light Hazard" Sunday Oct. 29, 2:00pm Rm #1, NEWLIFE EXPO at BK LOFT 26, 153 26TH ST, SUNSET PARK/PARK SLOPE, Brooklyn, NY.

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